How long to wait after the dentist to eat

The time you have to wait before eating after having a procedure in the dentist’s office depend heavily on the type of work you have done specific.


If you’ve been through a cleaning and regular examination, recommended to wait for 30 minutes before eating, if you have made ​​a fluoride treatment. If not, you can and eat.

Anesthesia and numbness

The procedures dental, such as extractions, crowns and fillings, require that your gums are numb to feel no pain when the procedure is performed. Wait until the numbness to go to eat. Otherwise, you could bite your tongue or the inside of your gums.


You extract a tooth is quite invasive. Ask your dentist specific instructions about when you can eat.

Tooth whitening

According to Mickey Bernstein, DDS, Memphis, if your teeth whitened, wait several days before eating or drinking something dark color, like red wine, coffee, cranberry juice, mustard or tea. Open pores in the teeth need time to close. Lance Timmerman DMD, Seattle, note that teeth whitening recently are in what is considered a demineralized state, and are more likely to stain. Saliva will help demineralizer enamel in 48 hours, and then when you’ll be able to eat foods that tend to bleach them.