More fruits and vegetables can prevent oral cancer

Between 30% and 70% of oral cancers and precancerous lesions could be prevented with a diet high in fruits and vegetables, the General Council of Dentists of Spain has highlighted.

Despite being a relatively easy disease to detect and treat in its early stages, it becomes deadly in most cases when it is detected to late.

For this reason, one of the objectives of dentists is to prevent their development, thanks to early detection, preventing them from reaching levels in which the treatment has to be excessively aggressive.

In this way, experts recommend a balanced diet that should include five pieces of fruits and vegetables a day, fish rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, olive oil, flaxseed or cereals.

In addition to food, professionals remember that having a healthy weight, going to the dentist every six months, maintaining proper oral hygiene, using sunscreen on the lips, and self-exams also help prevent this type of cancer.

In particular, we must be very careful with whitish and red plaques, since they are those that have a high probability of turning into malignant pathologies between 70 and 90 percent of cases.