Orthodontics for adults

Until not too long ago, orthodontics was an aesthetic treatment characteristic of young people; but in recent years the age group that decides to improve their dental appearance has grown to the point that some refer to the phenomenon of orthodontics for adults as a “boom”. Using “appliances” is fashionable, especially in those over 30 and 40 years, who face any of the treatments available with the illusion of getting to show the perfect smile.

In the last five years, consultations of adult patients who visit the dentist for this topic have increased by about 80 percent.  It gives a positive image, it is well seen because it proves that the person cares about his image, and even that he feels young to face a treatment. Today thousands of people decide to do treatments, and even use braces, they use it up to professionals with hierarchical positions, and nobody is ashamed of this.

Orthodontics is one of the specialties of dentistry that is dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of poor dental positions. It can be done in children, adolescents, young adults and currently older adults through the most modern techniques. The devices that are used to move the teeth can be fixed or removable (the indication of use of each device depends on each case and the age of the patient).

Now, many adults dare to take the step, among other reasons, because now technology and aesthetic medicine offer the possibility of performing orthodontics in a virtually invisible way. Ceramic or transparent polycarbonate brackets pass almost unnoticed and even more those that are placed on the internal side of the teeth. The teeth end up aligning the same with a classic orthodontics that with an invisible, the only thing that differentiates one from another is simply the process and aesthetics that they offer.

Those that are almost transparent are those of monocrystalline or polycrystalline porcelain, which are placed on the visible side of the tooth; while the lingual ones go directly unnoticed because they go in the internal part of the teeth. There is also a removable technique better known as Envisaging (which uses plastic aligners, without wires or metal brackets and is taken out of the mouth like mobile devices). Those are the most frequent available options. The value of the treatments must be calculated from $ 5,500 in the simplest cases.

The interest of adults in orthodontics corresponds to the fact that people have given greater importance to dental health, thus guaranteeing healthy, intact and beautiful teeth throughout their lives.

Available treatments

Classical orthodontics: is the best known by all, with metal brackets. It serves if the person does not suffer complexes and is the most economical.

Orthodontics with whitish brackets: much more disguised than the classic brackets, although it does not become an invisible orthodontics proper. The price is somewhat more expensive.

Lingual orthodontics: between the so-called invisible orthodontics, it is placed behind the tooth, leaving the face visible. It can be a bit more annoying at first, and cleaning is also more difficult.

Removable orthodontics: Transparent braces are placed over a cover that covers each tooth. These covers with brackets can be removed to drink and eat without any effort, they are very difficult to detect.