Orthodontics in adolescent patients

Correcting the position of the teeth during adolescence is a more recommendable option if we bear in mind that the eruption of the final pieces has already taken place, as well as it is possible to carry out all kinds of changes in the position of the dental pieces. Then we will know all kinds of details about orthodontics in adolescent patients , in this way, we will know the wide variety of advantages that this process involves in this group.

Orthodontics in adolescent patients | what should we know?

It is estimated that the ideal age to start an orthodontic process varies between 11 and 13 years, coinciding with the appearance and formation of definitive teeth. Initiating this process at an early age can lead to a series of damages for the patient, such as interceding in the correct eruption of the teeth, however there is a series of processes prior to orthodontics that will be very useful for children (Interceptive orthodontics).

Regarding adolescents, we can say that the vast majority of orthodontic problems are related to misalignment or crowding, as well as many that present skeletal problems, that is, problems related to the asymmetry of the maxillary bones , this being a very common that causes both aesthetic and functional problems. Today there are a wide variety of techniques that aim to correct these problems since Orthodontics and Orthopedics are at the service of adolescents.

Regarding the techniques dedicated to orthodontics, we must highlight the wide range of possibilities available to us, which makes it possible for each patient to choose the method that best suits their needs. Among the most common techniques we would highlight the Damon system, the aesthetic brackets composed of ceramic or sapphire as well as the Invisible Orthodontic systems, such as the Envisaging Technique or the Lingual Orthodontics, whose main peculiarity is that the placement of the buckets takes place on the face internal of the teeth.

One of the most frequent questions among the patients of Prop dental Clinics is to know what the time of an orthodontic process is, although to know this answer a specific examination and diagnosis is necessary, since each patient will require a specific time depending on the changes that are necessary to perform to achieve a correct dental alignment. In short, we can say that orthodontics in adolescent patients is a highly recommended alternative if we take into account the interesting results that this process offers us, both aesthetically and functionally.