Orthodontics in adults a question of health and aesthetics

More and more adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment to solve their dental problems. In these cases, the treatment is more complex and slow than in the child population since sometimes a piece is missing or the mouth has already undergone some reconstruction.

Therefore, an adult can stay in this treatment from 6 months onwards, although, obviously, everything varies depending on the needs of each case. The best recommendation, as usual, is that before carrying out this type of intervention to specialists determine the treatment plan appropriate to the need and possibility of the patient.

Most adults who undergo this therapy do so for an aesthetic issue, although many of them are not decided by the discomfort that involves carrying metal devices or brackets in view of all. This is the reason why it is increasingly used what is known as invisible orthodontics; transparent splints that go unnoticed and perform the same function as metal splints.

Although many people think that because of their age it is too late to face such treatment that is a wrong approach. Actually, it’s never too late to have a healthy and well-placed denture. Because, in addition to aesthetics, health plays a fundamental role in orthodontics. A properly aligned mouth avoids problems of dental malocclusion, wear and jaw delays.