Orthodontics in adults, it’s never too late

Most people who ask me about orthodontic treatments are worried about the aesthetics of their mouth, their smile and they realize that their teeth are crowded, or misplaced.

The answer is affirmative, it is never too late, because today, orthodontics in adults is a reality, it is a treatment with excellent results, regardless of age. I have orthodontic patients who started it when they retired and other cases of mothers, who take advantage of the occasion and begin their orthodontic treatment at the same time as their children.

What most people do not know, is that the result of orthodontic treatment, in addition to improving the aesthetics of the mouth with a nice smile and return to talk and smile without complexes, goes further and will provide other benefits, also very significant for your oral health and your general health, without a doubt the most important thing. For an adult, orthodontics is a global improvement of their quality of life, let’s see why.

More and more patients are undergoing orthodontic treatment in adulthood and today they represent one in three children. Many people could not do it when they were children and now they are encouraged and decide that it is time.

Benefits of orthodontics in adults

With orthodontics you will smile openly, as you like but at the same time, these are the benefits that some, you still do not know what you are going to get:

  • Dental Aesthetics. You get the healthy and pretty smile you wanted and a new facial aesthetic.
  • Correct bite the problem of malocclusion is solved and there will no longer be excessive tearing of the teeth, nor their joint problems. The typical contractures or tension of the musculature of the neck or back are also resolved.
  • Correct chewing if the jaws are well fitted with each other, you can chew and grind the food with better digestions.
  • Proper occlusion. Well-aligned teeth with good occlusion improve bone formation, tooth loss is avoided and teeth are generally stable and healthy for more years.
  • Optimal result of other subsequent treatments. After orthodontics with teeth and a well-aligned mouth, better results are obtained in the placement of implants or in the rehabilitation of teeth with veneers.
  • Daily effective dental hygiene. Orthodontics has removed the nooks and crannies between hard-to-reach areas. Oral hygiene will be more effective in preventing cavities and gingivitis.
  • Eat without remaining food in your mouth. You no longer have the gaps and spaces between the teeth where the remains of food that so bothered you stayed and thus prevent halitosis.

A frequent question is: will orthodontics hurt me? No, orthodontics does not hurt, the first days it bothers you until you get used to it. The teeth begin to move and you notice a certain tension but it is not pain.

For an orthodontic treatment to have the expected success it is necessary that the mouth be healthy and not have other problems. First, you start with a hygiene and if there is decay or some problem in the gums has to be resolved before.

Orthodontics in adults and boasts a smile

With today’s advanced orthodontic treatments, it is now possible to wear invisible orthodontics without anyone noticing, both with the lingual orthodontics where the devices are placed on the inside of the teeth, and in envisaging orthodontics. The fixed orthodontics with transparent aesthetic sapphire brackets has nothing to do with the old metal brackets, now this orthodontics is very discreet and does not affect daily life.

Orthodontics will change your facial aesthetics and you will have a nice smile, it is your first objective, but you will also enjoy a healthy mouth that will allow you to chew well, ensuring that you will live for many years with your healthy teeth and can improve your health and quality of life . With current treatments, orthodontics is now easier at any age.