Orthodontics in adults

Orthodontics in adults has tripled in the last five years because the population increasingly values ​​the smile as one of the main elements of the face. It is among the most demanded treatments, especially among women although earlier this technique was requested by more women. At present, 35% are men, although in a few years there will be very little difference in demand between men and women.

The youngest, that is, under 35, do so for aesthetics, largely because in recent years, dental care has risen sharply. These patients want to have healthy and straight teeth because, according to the expert, positively affects the level of self – esteem of people, positively conditioned the way of relating to others, both in social and professional life. Those who are satisfied with their facial image have greater self-confidence.

It is striking that, of adults who ask to undergo orthodontic treatment, at least one in 4 patients’ requests that the devices are invisible. This technique, whose equipment is made to measure, ( consists of moving the teeth to put them in place and get a good smile and a mouth that works well). It only requires, like the rest of the devices, a period of adaptation and a little “patience” until the language gets used, then the patient can make a normal life.